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Child soldiers used in more than 25 countries, including UK and Israel.

"In this age of global media, today’s verdict will reach warlords and commanders across the world and serve as a strong deterrent,” the U.N.’s special representative for children and armed conflict, Radhika Coomaraswamy, said in a statement. The ICC indicted Kony seven years ago for crimes including using child soldiers, but has not been able to catch him.


Save Richard O’Dwyer

The UK convicted 24-year-old student Richard O’Dwyer of conspiracy to defraud for posting links to TV and video content on his site. Now the US is trying to get him extradited for violation of copyright law on a much smaller offense.

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales started a petition on to stop the extradition.

O’Dwyer is not a US citizen, he’s lived in the UK all his life, his site was not hosted there, and most of his users were not from the US. America is trying to prosecute a UK citizen for an alleged crime which took place on UK soil.

On the few occasions he received requests to remove content from copyright holders, he complied. His site hosted links, not copyrighted content, and these were submitted by users.

Richard O’Dwyer is the human face of the battle between the content industry and the interests of the general public. Earlier this year, in the fight against the anti-copyright bills SOPA and PIPA, the public won its first big victory. This could be our second.

- Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia founder

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Everyone knows about Darfur, but…

Right now Sudanese citizens in the Nuba Mountains are starving to death because they’re caught in the crossfire of their government’s year-long killing campaign. New York Times reporter Nicholas D. Kristof, who’s been writing about the situation, recently snuck into the country “on a dirt track controlled by rebels” to provide a first-person update about the crisis. He writes:

PERHAPS hundreds of thousands of people here have no food and are reduced to eating leaves and insects, as Sudan’s government starves and bombs its own people in the Nuba Mountains. Children are beginning to die…

This week will mark a year since Sudan began its brutal counterinsurgency campaign in the Nuba Mountains, intended to crush a rebel force that is popular here and controls much of the region. Sudan has expelled aid workers, blocked food shipments and humanitarian aid, and dropped bombs haphazardly — and almost daily — on its own citizens…

World leaders are mostly turning a blind eye. There isn’t even serious talk about damaging the military airstrips that Sudan’s warplanes take off from before dropping bombs on civilians, or about forcing a humanitarian corridor, or about arranging airdrops of food. As a result, the only certainty is that many Nuba will starve to death in the coming months.

President Obama, you harshly criticized President Bush for failing to stand up to Sudan’s slaughter in Darfur. So now what are you going to do as Sudan kills again — on your watch?”

(Source: Starving Its Own Children -

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More people in the world have access to a mobile phone than a proper toilet.


Whites are 4 times as likely to receive a pardon as minorities

 But new law clinic could spur reforms.

For years, lawyers, faith-based groups and students have helped file petitions for inmates seeking to cut short lengthy prison sentences. But there have been no comparable resources for felons who sought pardons after serving their time.

That may soon change. In response to stories published in December by ProPublica and The Washington Post, former Maryland Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich (R) plans to launch the nation’s first law school clinic and training program devoted to pardons.”


Forced marriage causes suicide attempt

An 18-year old Egyptian girl threw herself off the balcony of an apartment building in Kuwait after being introduced to man she was told was her husband. She was hospitalized for 19 days and according to the paper, none of her family members visited her during this time.”