Genius Idea: Putting McDonalds in hospitals

That’s like giving deep fried cheesecake to people at the gym. Fast food and hospitals kind of go together, but they definitely shoudn’t be together. reports:

There are 26 hospitals in the US with active McDonald’s restaurants on premises today. These include children’s hospitals like Children’s Memorial Hospital, Chicago and top rated medical facilities such as the Clevland Clinic.

While no one entity is solely responsible for America’s obesity, McDonald’s at a hospital is simply absurd. It’s the Mcdonald’s eating culture that putting many people into hospitals in the first place. Cynics will say this is a symbiotic relationship, ensuring both entities profit in an eternal loop.

McDonald’s spokesperson’s response is kind of idiotic: Of the 14,000 McDonald’s restaurants nationwide, just 26 are in hospitals or on their campuses, she said. Basically, don’t pick on McDonald’s because only a small number of our franchises are like a needle sticking in your eye. The rest are killing you off campus.



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